The MasterKeys is dedicated to supporting todays Modern Healer to flourish by offering new quantum energy methods that facilitate deeper transformations for their clients and themselves 

Today’s therapists and healers require a high level of inner strength in order to guide and help their clients.
Often people may think that holistic bodyworkers, coaches, healers and therapists are soft flowers, but the opposite is true.
In order to do deep and powerful transformational work, today’s modern healer requires a level of mastery and inner strength of self to be able to support others.
Working with The MasterKeys will help you to build the confidence to stand in your essence, to be seen for the work you do and to find the encouragement of your own Mastery in the service of others.

The MasterKeys offer professional and personal skillsets with structures for practitioners who are naturally holistic in approach. With proven pathways to expand potential and infuse with existing training, these new tools and methods of informational energy medicine support  both client's and practitioner awakenings and transformations.

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The Masterkeys were delivered as a new framework to Mind-Body-Spirit Energy Practitioner and Teacher,

Jane Gruebner in 2020. 

It was during this time of hard lockdowns in NZ during the pandemic while watching so many bodyworkers and practitioners lose their businesses that  Jane was counting her blessings, that her work wasn't impacted because of these new tools  and methods of The MasterKeys.
She unlocked innovative ways to continue to work and was guided to share these new tools and path for others to use.
With the shift to more online methodologies in most industries, these evolutionary ways to add modern practices for therapists, bodyworkers, coaches and healers is a natural progression.
These new paradigm tools and methods, designed specifically for the modern healers can be used in a complementary way to existing practice, by activating the quantum potential and providing a path for the seeker of Self-evolution.

The MasterKeys Were Created By Jane Gruebner


Jane is dedicated to inspiring and supporting the modern healer; who in today’s work can be any professional  practitioner, coach, therapist, healer, facilitator or counsellor.  
Modern healers are the ones at the coal face; committed to supporting others to live a full and rich life, by empowering others become whole and balanced.

Jane has been involved in the world of well-being, healing and intuition for the past 30 years, travelling the world exploring the latest research, attending conferences and always remaining at the forefront of emerging techniques and training.


Through her work she acknowledges that we are in the most exciting times; where the wisdom of Eastern and Spiritual philosophies is being infused, and the union of science and spirituality is being validated by the work of neuroscientists, epigeneticists, cellular biologists and quantum physicists.


The expansiveness of these fields and the measurement of the scientific benefits are demystifying many healing processes, creating an opening for more potential and exponential growth. The Masterkeys are the practical tools linked to universal principles that facilitate this growth.

Right now we need an aligned and trusted path, with healing frameworks that offer no contraindications and have the capacity to activate untapped potential.


Designed for the practitioner who is looking for professional and personal evolution, as well as specific techniques to utilise with their clients.

The MasterKeys has 2 Paths.

The Silver Path: Workshops for Practitioners' Personal Development.

Introducing The Intuition Axis Process IAP©

A dynamic mind, body and spirit framework fusing Science with Ancient Eastern Techniques to tune into higher consciousness.

You Will Discover: 
A way to ignite your intuitive intelligence
A mind technique to ignite your intuitive superpower
A way to ascend your intuitive intelligence potential
A process to navigate multi dimensional intuitive potential

Follow The Silver Path

The Gold Path: Practitioner New Energy Methods 

Become a TMM Essence: MEE© Method Certified Coach

Your Will Discover:
An intentional guided process to Activate Inner alchemy
A guided process to Activate the Inner Being
A curated guided process to empower and balance mind - ego - essence
A guided process that allows connection with our 3 inner operating systems of life - mind - ego - essence
A guided process to empower clients by becoming the/ a conscious driver of their life

Follow The Gold Path

The Silver Path: Workshops and Courses for Practitioners' Personal Development.

The Silver Path have been developed for practitioners and therapists to connect, inspire and upskill with the confidence to grow themselves and their practice.

Stimulate, and ignite your intuitive intelligence. The Silver Path will help you to:

Learn new techniques that integrate into current preparation and practices

Deepen and strengthen your connection to your inner light

Unlock your superpowers and BE seen
Elevate your intuitive mastery and flourish
Follow The Silver Path

The Gold Path:  Practitioner New Energy Medicine Methods and Certification to create lasting change with and for clients.

Developed to guide you through the entire process of becoming a modern  healer and therapist while utilising quantum principles and meta-physics potential.

The gold path will allow you to:

Reach a new level of understanding and competency

Learn new ways to assist your clients to overcome life challenges such as anxiety, worry and stress and trauma, loss of direction and purpose

Assist your clients on their life journey and personal transformation of empowerment to manifest a new life path. 

Follow The Gold Path

By Following The Path Of The MasterKeys, You Will Feel And Experience: 


Gentle, supportive, and non-invasive techniques – a system using the best of what Jane has learned from her own practice and from her global networks; combining science, quantum, meta-physics, neuroscience, epigenetics, energy medicine, infusing ancient wisdom to western philosophies.

The unlocking, unleashing and new tools and methods using of your untapped abilities a providing you with new refreshing and potent ways to work with your clients.

Each event offers an important 'key' concept – these keys help activate and support your client's transformation, personal growth and healing.

The easy integration of MasterKeys with your current practice   offering you complete flexibility within your current practice and enhancing the capacity to scale and grow.

Our stand alone techniques, methods and approach - that will allow you to customise your services and expand the ways which you can support and empower your clients.

The Keys Are Universal Principles. 

The Masterkeys provide the skill to be able to implement them practically.

What Practitioners Are Saying About The Masterkeys:

"What an amazing opportunity for Clinicians to dive deeply for themselves. Imagine being able to then share these learnings with your clients.

Grasp this chance to be Your Best and exemplify everything that you bring to your Life.

TY Jane for creating this process"

Brian Collins - Osteopath - West Coast NZ

"Working with TMM© in my clinic has brought a new depth to my practice,
it has allowed me to guide my clients to identify their own patterns and shift them easily within themselves, clearing old patterns, trauma, and pain in their body in one simple session."

Kate Taylor-Reid - Northland NZ
BodyIntuitive, Kiromiromi, Mahi Wairua Practioner.

"My own life completely changed with TMM© I just had to become a TMM© Coach, it was definitely the right move for me.
Clients respond really well on a personal level.

I also find it very rewarding as a TMM© Coach to teach people something like a process with techniques that they can use anywhere, anytime to help themselves.

Andrea Vitali - Mindset Coach, Nutritionist - Nelson NZ & UK

Expand Your Personal And Professional Path To Facilitate Deep Transformations For Your Business And Your Clients.

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