$1,100.00 NZD

TMM Online Group Coaching PLUS 1-1

The Gold Pathway: Become a TMM - MEE© Method Certified Coach


The delivery of the program is hands on and interactive to best support the learning and build confidence. 


A session with Jane is normally $150 for 60mins - this option offers you 5  personalised 1:1 sessions with Jane at a huge discount, to be taken any time during your certification process.

Inside in TMM Certification Program you will have access to:

  1. Guided process protocols
  2. Client handouts
  3. Learn how to guide clients through pathway process for effective results
  4. Sheets and scripts of questions and guidance processes
  5. Client Intake Questionnaires
  6. Swap sessions with fellow students
  7. Case study processes
  8. Recordings of the lessons and process
  9. Recordings of group weekly training sessions
  10. Review questionnaires – to ensure understanding, confidence and competence of concepts and principles
  11. Support articles and information
  12. Your personal online assessment session with Jane
  13. 2 x 1:1 Personalised review session
  14. 2 x 1:1 Individual healing and soul support session
  15. 1 x 1:1 Extra TMM coaching specifically for client sessions 

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