$195.00 NZD

Level 2: Advanced Intuitive Intelligence

Only available after attending Level 1: Ignite Your Intuitive Intelligence with AIP© Intuition Axis Process

You Will Learn To:


  • Explore the unlimited potential of your mind using IAP© to work on not only your capacity to heal and transform others but also your own healing and transformation potential. 
  • Work with the Holographic Blueprint and heighten your awareness and relationship between the energy body and the physical body by sensing and working with conditions of dis-ease and lack of harmony.
  • Deepen the quantum science and meta-physics of mind-body-spirit healing.
  • Develop tools to help you unlock the belief systems of your clients and assist them in the release their self-imposed limitations
  • How to work with the Holographic Way Technique and experience from a ‘we are one’ focus to fully understand your client's experiences and challenges.

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