The Gold Path: Become a TMM - MEE© Method Certified Coach

 As multidimensional human beings and modern healers; we are here to make a difference to our clients. 

Bringing science and metaphysics into the work of being a modern healer demystifies how to achieve real results and allows your work to reach its highest potential.

This is your invitation to be join our growing global community, where together we achieve more to create deep transformational change to the lives of our clients and students. 

TMM©(The MEE© Method) activates Inner Alchemy for transformation and healing.  


MEE is Mind Ego Essence

The MEE©  Method allows both practitioner and client to work together with old traumas, limit in life, stuck-ness, depression, relationships, and their own health, wellbeing and evolution.


The connection to their greater Self Wisdom and Subconscious Mind as well as understanding their own Holographic Blueprint allows the client to access past, present, future aspects of self-experiences.

The MEE  method empowers practitioners to assist their clients in connecting to their greater Self Wisdom and subconscious mind, as well as their own holographic blueprint to past, present, future aspects of self experiences

The MEE method supports clients with their physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual challenges, offering new ways to uncover their own unique path in life.

It is a powerful transformation, and shifts happen that very often lead to a more centred, balanced, and loving life, healing relationships and allowing new possibilities in life.

A Message From Jane,

I created this program for heartfelt practitioners, coaches, therapists and healers who are driven by the desire to feel fulfilled while making a difference in the lives of their clients. 

They are the ones who understand the the ripple effect that working closely with clients has on the wellbeing of humanity. 

To empower others is one of the greatest forms of love and healing that one can offer, and is this kaupapa that brings us together as modern healers.

The modern healer seeks to evolve personally and professionally by accessing and revealing universal truths.

The journey requires courage and determination and is a calling more than a career.  

I feel blessed and honoured  walk the road with every modern healer, and acknowledge the work you do to support your clients and your craft.

With Love x

MEE Mind Ego Essence can be viewed as our 3 inner operating systems throughout life – alongside our Soul Self.


When these 3 aspects of self are either out of alignment or not in resonance with each other, often confusion or loss of direction or sense of purpose can plague our life.

TMM allows a way to access what the problem really is no matter the time frame or issue… and then also offer the ability to unveil a solution of how to solve and work through the issue.

 This comes from subconscious mind that holds the memories and belief systems deeply embedded within the mind and the solutions are offered from that deep inner wisdom that lies within each of us,  but is often not available easily to consciously work inner with. TMM allows the inner wisdom to be heard, understood or recognised with trust, and thus empowers our client also. 

Practitioners will learn the guided energy process, how to maximise the information that comes forward and how to tailor the process to client’s requirements and complimentary to their way of practice, for the best outcome and results for both practitioner and client.

It thus becomes a potent self-actualisation tool.

Module 1: Activate Inner Alchemy 

You will learn how to:


Activate INNER Alchemy – The relaxation process

Learn a specific energy process to prepare the client for inner alchemy to happen so it activates natural transformation

Look at the importance and impact of how we can ensure the client is in alpha and theta brainwave state for healing

Utilise the power of being a participator observer

This is the most highly experiential course of the 3 modules – we learn by experience and embed the effectiveness and potency by having the experience

You will develop and awareness of the foundations of TMM to understand the potential of transformation and healing available to your clients.

Module 2: Activate Quantum Alchemy

You will learn:

Activate QUANTUM Alchemy -The Synergy of the Energy Centres

Deep dive into the HOW healing and transformation happens from a proven science and metaphysics perspective.

Awareness of the importance of synergy within our body-mind-spirit

Prepare the subtle energy bodies to activate quantum alchemy

Activate The Law of Vibration

Understand the energy vibration signature and its relevance and significance in healing

Define each stage of HOW transformation takes place

Module 3: Activate Holographic Alchemy

You will learn:


This module shows us the far reaching impacts of HOW change creates change

This links relationship between energy and consciousness and why it matters

Diving into various Laws of the Universe

The power of being an observer of Self

We discuss the concept of the holographic blueprint,  what it is and why we need to know about it. 


The Training

The delivery of the program is hands on and interactive to best support the learning and build confidence. Inside in TMM Certification Program you will have access to:

  1. Guided process protocols
  2. Client handouts
  3. Learn how to guide clients through pathway process for effective results
  4. Sheets and scripts of questions and guidance processes
  5. Client Intake Questionnaires
  6. Swap sessions with fellow students
  7. Case study processes
  8. Recordings of the lessons and process
  9. Recordings of group weekly training sessions
  10. Review questionnaires – to ensure understanding, confidence and competence of concepts and principles
  11. Support articles and information
  12. Your personal online assessment session with Jane

How Do I Know If This Is Right For Me?


This is for modern healers, coaches and practitioners already working with clients... 


Ready to guide clients in connecting with their higher Self wisdom and tapping into their subconscious mind.

Interested in exploring the use of the Holographic Blueprint that encompasses their past, present, and future experiences.

Committed to addressing physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual challenges in their clients' lives.

 Seeking innovative methods to help clients uncover answers to their deepest questions.

Dedicated to facilitating transformation and healing shifts, leading to greater inner balance and centeredness.

Eager to create healing shifts that improve relationships and open up new life possibilities.

Ready to guide clients on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and embracing the fullness of life's experiences.


TMM© Group Online Coaching with Jane Gruebner


Value $1100 (payment plans available)

  • 9 x 90 minute live workshops 
  • Workbooks and resources
  • Recordings of all sessions
  • Review questionnaires
  • Live skills exchange with others 
  • Case Studies 
  • An intimate collective of transformative modern healers 
  • 1 x 1:1 Personalised review session
  • Assessment with Jane
  • Support from Jane and The MasterKeys team 





TMM© Group Online Coaching PLUS 1-1 With Jane Gruebner


Value $1620 (payment plans available)

  • 9 x 90 minute live workshops 
  • Workbooks and resources
  • Recordings of all sessions
  • Review questionnaires
  • Live skills exchange with others 
  • Case Studies 
  • An intimate collective of transformative modern healers 
  • 2 x 1:1 Personalised review session
  • 2 x 1:1 Individual healing and soul support session
  • 1 x 1:1 Extra TMM coaching specifically for client sessions
  • Assessment with Jane
  • Support from Jane and The MasterKeys team 

Payment Plans Are Available

Please note, that the first payment must be made in order to attend and assessments can not be taken until the final payment is made.

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Pain whether physical or otherwise can be assisted with TMM©


The client had unrelenting headaches for 2+ years following a fall from a horse. She has a childhood trauma of having her head caught in the car window as it was wound up (8 yrs).

She felt she's a 'sensitive intuitive' and was open to ‘trying anything that will ease the pain’.

The next day client felt a strong sense of calm and ease. She expressed that she had no problems accepting the guidance of MEE© and said she felt re-assured by the process.

48 hours after the treatment the client was reporting a slight decrease in pain and still felt at ‘ease’.

Client enjoyed how relaxed she felt. This also helped ease her mind that her pain would slowly go if she stayed patient and relaxed (not rushing).

Freya Scollay - Certified TMM© Coach - Auckland NZ


Become A Certified TMM© Coach

What TMM© Coaches Are Saying About The Program:

"What an amazing opportunity for Clinicians to dive deeply for themselves. Imagine being able to then share these learnings with your clients.

Grasp this chance to be Your Best and exemplify everything that you bring to your Life.

TY Jane for creating this process"

Brian Collins - Osteopath - West Coast NZ

"Working with TMM© in my clinic has brought a new depth to my practice,
it has allowed me to guide my clients to identify their own patterns and shift them easily within themselves, clearing old patterns, trauma, and pain in their body in one simple session."

Kate Taylor-Reid - Northland NZ
BodyIntuitive, Kiromiromi, Mahi Wairua Practioner.

"My own life completely changed with TMM© I just had to become a TMM© Coach, it was definitely the right move for me.
Clients respond really well on a personal level.

I also find it very rewarding as a TMM© Coach to teach people something like a process with techniques that they can use anywhere, anytime to help themselves.

Andrea Vitali - Mindset Coach, Nutritionist - Nelson NZ & UK

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