The MasterKeys were developed to inspire and support the modern healer.  

Modern healers are the ones at the coal face; committed to supporting others to become whole and balanced, I'm dedicated to support those who support others.





Introducing Jane 

Creator of The MasterKeys


Like many healers, an accident in her mid-30s was the cosmic tap on the shoulder that Jane needed to leave the corporate world, and began the search to find out more about the ‘whole self’; a term that in those days that was unheard of.
She found herself on a journey, travelling the world to learn from master teachers, including Deepak Chopra, Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr Bruce Lipton, Lynn McTaggart and Wayne Dyer and so many more.
Like a constant gardener pulling out weeds and tending to the flowers, Jane became the constant seeker. Searching to better herself and explore a deeper understanding of her relationship with the quantum world, the laws of the universe and align spiritual principles with her life.


Learning about patterns of inherited behaviours along with understanding the role that mind and ego play to create our personality, she began to step into the world of the Soul and Spirit Self.


The 'teacher' was awakened.

Jane has been involved in the world of well-being, healing and intuition for the past 30 years.

After gaining DipNHsc, (a Diploma in the Science of Natural Healing Therapies) Jane spent a further 10 years dedicating herself to learning ‘the art of healing and intuition’ with the Mind-Body-Spirit. This led to her other international qualifications, being 1 of only 20 internationally certified Mindscape instructors.

Her other credential include:

Together with deep understanding and divine intuition, The MasterKeys have been created as a result of Jane's lessons, her teachings and guidance she has received.

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